Who We Are

Bev Greenfield:
Bev Greenfield, former FPR Board Chair and Director of Field Investigations, passed away from breast cancer on June 11, 2012. Her bio remains as a tribute to her selfless dedication to the FPR, as she remains forever in our hearts.

"Helping people is our goal. We use our knowledge and experience to educate and assist those who are frightened, confused or afraid of ridicule. This separates us from most other paranormal research groups."
~Bev Greenfield

Rick Heflin:
FPR founder, former Board Chair, Director of Special Projects and Senior Investigator. James Rickey Heflin passed away November 14, 2016. His bio will remain here in tribute to Rick's contribution to, and his vision for, the FPR.

"We are forced to think outside the box on a regular basis. Because there is no box in paranormal research."
~Rick Heflin

Check back soon for updates as the FPR regroups and renews our commitment to the study of the paranormal!

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