The following is the unedited account of a possible UFO sighting as submitted to MUFON of GA (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network). Investigators present were Jen Tanner, Rick Heflin, Debra and Jim Bates and Bev Greenfield. The location was in the North Georgia mountains. It was a clear night in the summer of 2004.

Account by Rick Heflin:

"It was probably between eleven pm and midnight when I walked out onto the porch to have a cigarette. Jen was already out there. She was standing on the edge of the porch, staring at the mountaintop, across the road. I asked her what she was looking at and she said that she was not sure, for me to come look and see what I thought. I looked at where she was pointing and saw a bluish-white light hovering above the peak of the mountain. Suddenly, it dropped straight down into the trees on the northern slope of the mountain. It appeared to hover there for about fifteen seconds or so and then shot back up into the sky. While it was in the trees, it appeared to be flashing, but I am not certain if the object itself was flashing or if it was merely being blocked from my field of vision by trees, limbs, outcroppings of rock, ect. When it was in the sky, it was steady and constant. I said something like, "Holy shit!" and Jen turned and yelled "Hey, guys, we got UFOs!". At this point we were joined on the porch by Jim, Debra, and Bev. The object appeared small, about the size of a BB held at arms length. The others were observing other things in the sky, but my attention remained focused on this object. It repeated the "down into the trees, hover, back into the sky, hover" maneuver sixteen to eighteen times over a forty-five minute period. It's size appeared to remain constant, though it's color was sometime more white and other times more blue. There did not seem to be a pattern to the color changes. I cannot explain why, with four experienced paranormal investigators on that porch, not one of us thought to grab a camera."

Account by Debra Bates:

"I saw:

Through the binoculars...
* a star-like anomaly that moved rapidly from one point ( over the mountains) directly to the right almost to the next peak, and stop cold. I did not see it move after that and did not keep track of that particular one.
* a flashing "star" ( a bit larger than a star, but not by much) flashing bright red.
* another star-like anomaly that rapidly moved downward and then up to the left and stop dead in it's tracks. The night was clear, and I was at first quite skeptical as I am not a big UFO enthusiast and at first thought they were all stars ...UNTIL I saw these oddities through the binoculars."

Account by Bev Greenfield:

"I stood on the porch, totally focused on the mountain to our left and I watched a group of 3-6 lights move erratically. They were flashing red and green, sometimes hovering, sometimes shooting in different directions and sometimes just disappearing. From our perspective, they appeared a little larger than the stars. The show continued for about 45 minutes and then they were gone. I considered taking pictures, but knew that my camera was not powerful enough to photograph them. It was too dark and they were too far away. I wished they would come closer, but not too close."

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