How to Protect Yourself and Others from Demonic Entities

It is said that if you looks for ghosts long enough, you are bound to run into a demon. We have found this to be true, and have seen people get attacked by unseen entities.

The Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” show many cases of negative invaders in people’s homes. The residents don’t have a clue what to do, and the “experts” that come in give little advice, if any, on how people can protect themselves while the demon is still with them. In fact, some give bad advice. In the world of the unknown, it is hard to find anyone with all the answers. We feel we have had enough experience with this to pass on some helpful advice so that paranormal investigators and home-owners can protect themselves and others from things they cannot see.

Don’t invite them

The first thing to know is how not to attract negative spirits in the first place. Many negative spirits are attached to places. Some people unintentionally bring them into their homes, and then others move in and eventually discover the problem. Negative spirits are often attached to battlefields, which we paranormal investigators frequently visit. If you think you are not of a proper state of mind, and may be susceptible to an attack, then do not go to a place that may have them. So what makes people susceptible? People can bring negative spirits to them by inviting any spirit who wants to talk to them in (such as by using a Ouija Board), or by thinking or behaving in evil ways (e.g. lying, deceiving, getting revenge, controlling, feeling jealous, feeling angry, feeling afraid, or using witchcraft to try to hurt someone). If you are in the presence of a demon, you are more likely to get attacked if you have the above thoughts, or if you are scared, physically or mentally ill, high or intoxicated, emotionally depressed or spiritually weak. Provoking a demon will only make things worse.

Act like their enemy

Now you know not to be like them. So how should you feel and act? The best way to protect yourself and to fight off a demon is by being his opposite. The most important thing to feel is love. If you are spiritually strong, if you know God will protect you, if you are willing to risk your safety to protect someone else, if you feel love for the person being attacked even though he is currently behaving badly because of his attacker, then the demon has no power over you. Love is stronger than hate. In the best frame of mind you are completely protected. You have nothing to be afraid of. Archangel Michael cast Satan into Hell. You see pictures of him with a sword. But do you really think that Michael used violence to battle the devil? Michael has an immense amount of love. It is my strong opinion that it was love alone that helped him win this battle. And love is the greatest protector you have.

Ask for help

Angels are there to help us, but they can’t help unless we ask them to. Michael and Jesus are excellent sources for helping you with evil spirits. I usually call on Michael, and it takes seconds for the situation to be resolved. Many spirits have been cast out just by saying the words, “in the name of Jesus Christ.” There is a lot of power in Jesus’ name. Note that Jesus was also an extremely loving being. If you are not Christian you can say, “in the name of God.”

Skin on skin

Once a demon has taken hold of someone, he is harder to get rid of, but I’ve learned a little trick. Touch the person’s skin while you pray and mentally send him love energy. I learned this at a battlefield, when a teenager felt like he was grabbed by the throat and choked. He felt fingernails digging into his neck. He couldn’t breathe. I put my hand on his shoulder and called on Michael, but nothing happened. Then a thought told me to move my cold hand to the back of his neck. I did this and continued to pray, and the entity was gone in about 2 seconds. In time I discovered that I needed to touch his skin in order to transfer God’s love energy into him. Since we are mostly made up of water, it makes sense that energy would more easily transfer to someone if you touch him. This makes me wonder why I never see priests touch a person during an exorcism. Perhaps they don’t know this little trick. Exorcisms are very long and draining, and I can’t help but think about how much easier it would be if people would use this method. Someday I’m sure I will get the opportunity to try this out on someone who is fully possessed. By the way, this same method can be used to heal someone. I’m sure you’ve heard of “laying of the hands.”

Other ways to protect yourself

Other things that can help, whether combined with the above or used separately, include picturing a protecting white light around yourself, someone else or a place; using holy water; or burning white sage. Holy water clears whatever it touches of negativity. Sage fills and clears the air.

I know some of this may not seem very scientific, but neither are evil spirits. People often feel hopeless trying to fight off something they cannot see. The methods above have proven themselves to work, so do not hesitate to use them.

By Vicki Luibrand
Membership Director

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