FPR Useful Links

The Foundation for Paranormal Research lists sites we believe will be helpful for further research.



PARAseek.com - The Paranormal Search Engine

Americus Garden Inn

Believe in Health


Haunted Places


PSI Research

Ghosts of the Prairie: American Ghosts & Hauntings


Haunted North Carolina Paranormal Research

World of the Strange

New Jersey Ghost Research

Spiritsearchers Paranormal Investigators

1,000,000 Paranormal Links

West Midlands Ghost Club

Crop Circle Connector

Paranormal Researchers Of Ohio Valley (P.R.O.O.V.)

Jacksonville Florida Ghostbusters

Ghost Chasers InternationalTM

Ghost Hunters Alliance of Vancouver WA

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society

Deadframe Paranormal Research Group

East Tennessee Paranormal Society

American Ghosts

DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers (DCMAG)

Preternatural Research Society (PRS)

Haunted Salem

Paranormal Tours

South Jersey Ghost Research

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