Investigation Equipment

Paranormal Investigation Tools

Tri-Field Meter:
This meter is designed to read electromagnetic fields and is recommended above the less expensive models for paranormal investigations. It has been designed to rule out fields generated by household appliances, but is sensitive enough to pick up energy generated by living persons if tuned to the "electric" setting. There is a setting for "sum" which picks up both electric and magnetic fields and will make a whining noise whenever there is a fluctuation in the area. Available on the Internet or from businesses which use these devices to test equipment. $120-$300 approximate price.

Less expensive EMF meters are for sale by Dave Juliano through the Shadowlands website. Dave says that, in his opinion, this "Cell Sensor" EMF meter is better for walking around and the Trifield EMF meter is better for stationary readings. It is approximately $31.00 plus S&H.

Night Vision Scope:
According to Troy Taylor in his "The Ghosthunter's Guidebook", a night vision is a fun toy to have, but the poor infrared beam makes everything look green and the lights which people think are ghosts are actually just reflections
inside the scope. Outdoor sporting goods stores usually carry these. $200 at Sam's Warehouse.

Relative Humidity Gauge:
It is undecided whether humidity is connected with the ability to photograph ghosts or perhaps may cause minute drops of moisture on the lens of the camera which appear as orbs. The jury is still "out" on this information. Home Depot or Radio Shack will carry this inexpensive item.

Digital Thermal Scanners:
This little device is a highly recommended tool to have when ghost hunting. It picks up "cold spots" that indicate a spirit is present. According to Troy Taylor, the ghost uses the energy in the tiny infrared spot to manifest itself and in return, produces a cold mass. It is necessary for the beam to make contact with a material structure to produce an accurate reading, as opposed to just pointing it up into the sky which will not give an accurate temperature. This item is not expensive and can be bought at NAPA Auto Store
or other automobile shops.

Tape Recorder:
In order to register EVP's a tape recorder can be used, preferably sound activated and equipped with an extended microphone. Basic cassette or micro-cassette models are available through any electronics outlet or store.

Digital Voice Recorder:
Digital voice recorders seem to be the preferred method of choice for recording EVPs over the tape recorder. They also work better with the extended microphone. They allow the user to index the EVP and quickly jump back to it, and they make it easy to save the EVP onto a computer to share with others. On the down side, they are easier to accidentally delete. Be careful when selecting one as well, as many are very poor quality. Record yourself in the store and listen for static in the playback. A small amount is expected.

Video Cameras:
Video cameras (digital or analog) are an excellent way to determine if a spirit is present. People are amazed to see orbs flying around in front of the camera (through the lens and in the playback), sometimes obeying their commands. Be sure to check your surroundings, however. If you are recording outdoors in the evening, you are likely to capture bugs that look just like smaller ghost orbs. Indoors dust is a common imitator. Strange light flashes, or even a short lightning bolt indoors have also been captured on video, as well as EVPs. Make sure the camera is set to night-shot and the light on the front of the camera is turned on. Infra-red light also produces great results.

And last, but not least, a camera or two. Some people use digitals so that they may scan the results instantaneously, but the downside of this relatively new camera is that there are no negatives to prove that your results are legitimate. A 35mm is the preferred camera of choice. Even a disposable model will work out fine. Plan to use several rolls of 400 or 800 ASA film, however, in order to get the best results.

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