FPR Investigation Protocol

What to expect from an investigation of your location:

It is important to understand that we don't go into a client's site with the intention of finding ghosts or spirits. We are Paranormal Investigators, not ghosthunters. We gather information, beginning with the client's initial report and contact interview, and progress from there. Every attempt is made to rule out "normal" circumstances as the cause of your disturbance before it is considered "possibly paranormal" in nature.

The typical steps are:

1) You submit a request for an investigation.

2) We conduct a contact interview. This may occur via email, telephone, or in person.

3) We will coordinate, within your schedule, a pre-investigation. A pre-investigation usually consists of two to four experienced field investigators conducting a brief tour of your site. You should usually allow one to three hours for the pre-investigation. We will be collecting videography, photography, audiography, and possibly other evidence during the pre-investigation. We may ask at times that fans, furnaces, air conditioning, lights, and any sources of noise be turned off temporarily, but you will never be asked to leave the location.

4) If the findings of the pre-investigation warrant further investigation, we will ask for your approval in conducting a formal investigation. A formal investigation consists of more team members, more equipment and more time. We often conduct formal investigations overnight, but we always work within your schedule. Conditions of the formal investigation vary widely due to individual circumstance, such as size of the site.

5) Once the findings of the investigations are in, we generate a report. This report will be submitted to the members of the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, you will be given a full copy of the report including photos, videos, and sound clips (as applicable). The report will state, among other things, that:

A: We have found no evidence of the presence of paranormal activity,
B: We have found evidence to suggest the presence of paranormal activity benign in nature, or,
C: We have found evidence to suggest the presence of paranormal activity of a malevolent nature.

If the report finds conditions B or C, we may be able to assist you in obtaining help to ease your situation.

We hope this answers your questions about our investigative protocol. But if this leaves you with any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us.

Our Primary Investigation area is the southeastern United States. We are happy to give long distance advice as well.

FPR Investigation Request Form

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