EVP (electronic voice phenomena) are disembodied voices not audible to the human ear, but are somehow picked up by audio recorders. This is a fascinating occurrence that is often associated with suspected hauntings. The voices are frequently whispers and can be intermixed with human conversation. They are usually a single word or a short phrase. Sometimes, they are startling clear and recorded when no one is speaking. They can also sound like animals, such as a neighing horse or a barking dog.

FPR EVP recordings
All EVPs were recorded by our EVP Specialist, Vicki Luibrand.

EVP from the Federal Camp at the Battle of Tunnel Hill. Vicki and Bev were walking alone in the woods when Vicki captured this clear EVP. It says, "Bring me a side of beef baby, I'm hungry".

EVP from Andersonville Prison site. The prisoners had very little drinking water and were forced to dig for it. This EVP was captured by one of the holes. It says, "It sure stinks up here, yeah..." The prison smelled so bad that people living in Americus, GA (which was several miles away) could smell it.

This EVP was recorded in the abandoned Supervisor's Duplex on Cumberland Island, GA, where FPR did a week long investigation in the fall of 2003. It says "There's something here. Yeah" We think the voice is male. Note that there were no men present when this was recorded.

These 2 EVP's were recorded at Allatoona Pass, where we have done many investigations. These are typical EVP's in that we know the voices weren't ours, yet we can't make out what they are saying.

EVP6 Unfiltered
EVP6 Filtered
This EVP was recorded at a business in Buford, GA. Listen to it in it's original and filtered form. We have never heard an EVP that sounds like this, but like all the others, it was not coming from any of us.

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