Foundation for Paranormal Research. What We Do.

Mission Statement:

The Foundation for Paranormal Research is non-profit, non-religious, scientifically-oriented investigative group specializing in, but not limited to, ghosts, psychic phenomena, cryptozoology, UFO sightings/occurrences, occult-related occurrences/crimes, mysterious disappearances and other phenomena that may be associated with the paranormal. Serving primarily the Southeastern United States, we are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We are dedicated to providing a professional, courteous and thorough investigative process to determine if "the unexplained" can be explained. We investigate residences, businesses, and other sites of interest. All cases are strictly confidential and follow-up support is offered.

FPR trains and certifies our own field investigators. Our training criterion uses scientific methods and practices in concert with experts in the field and our own personal experience.

There is no charge for our services.

Ghosts, Hauntings and Other Paranormal Phenomena:

The Foundation will take an active role in training and certifying field investigators. We will utilize standardized forms for creating a database to be used as a research tool. We neither condone nor practice the usage of Ouija boards, seances and occult-like practices.

We are dedicated to providing a professional, courteous and thorough investigative process to determine if the reported phenomena are indeed paranormal. Only after a thorough scientific investigation will we provide a full report. All cases are strictly confidential, and any disclosure is under the discretion of owners of the investigated properties or parties involved.


Since a world-class investigative body already exists in MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), the Foundation will defer to their expertise in the training and certification of field investigators. We will coordinate our efforts with local, state, and national MUFON groups to create and maintain databases on UFO sightings, abductions, cattle mutilations, etc.


The Foundation will create criteria for field investigations and maintain a database of worldwide occurrences of mysterious creatures. Since field investigations are usually prohibitively expensive due to the distances involved, we will use news reports, print media, and internet contacts to gather information on distant occurrences while training under FPR standards for local investigations. There are already some reports of mysterious creatures within a several-hundred-mile radius of Atlanta.